On the Dark Side of Computer Games, an interview with Deutschlandradio Kultur

On the Dark Side of Computer Games, “Game Over Hate” against hate and verbal violence in the gamer community | Deutschlandradio Kultur [link]

GameOverHate and the topic of hate and discrimination in online gaming spaces were the subject of a radio piece in Deutschlandradio Kultur, a German public radio station. David Pinto and Martin Fischer (GameOverHate), Elain Boström (Sverok) and Achim Kaspers (Remote Control Productions) were interviewed and shared their experiences and perspectives on the topic.


For the full english transcript click here.

GameOverHate @Digital Discrimination Conference and @Screenagers

Game Over Hate was present at the Digital Discrimination Conference Barcelona on March 13th and also at Screenagers Conference in Dublin on April 2nd.

You can check some of the materials we used on these workshops here.

In the words of a twitter user:

Game Over Hate Knowledge Center Launched

Game Over Hate Knowledge Center Launched

Game Over Hate Workshop in the Digital Discrimination And Social Networks International Conference

Game Over Hate Workshop in the Digital Discrimination And Social Networks International Conference

„This is the last day of our conference in Budapest. It was a blast, a creative and committed community flowing over with examples and good practices.“

„This is the last day of our conference in Budapest. It was a blast, a creative and committed community flowing over with examples and good practices.“

Polygon reports on Game Over Hate’s first conference. Check after minute 1:06 on the video. (Update: interview)

“"We understand that games are a very specific online environment that needs specific conversations, debates and experts and we want to create a meaningful discussion around this topic,” reads the event page. “We don’t want to only focus on the problem itself and the reasons behind it, but also in trying to find solutions and good case practices around the industry, in different communities and various players experiences.”

The week-long event will include talks, debates and gaming sessions focused on helping participants learn how to create and maintain more inclusive online gaming spaces. Attendees will learn what drives the negativity and abusive speech from some players and how developers, community managers and other industry members can prevent and combat it.“

«GTFO: A Film About Women in Gaming» will premiere on GameOver Hate

We’re super excited to announce that Shannon Sun-Higginson, the mastermind behind GTFO – A Film About Women in Gaming, gave us permission to premiere the movie at our conference.

The documentary is still in the making but it’s already making waves around the web. The kickstarter project got it’s funding and now the team is finishing shooting the movie and doing the post production.

On a side note, it’s great to notice that a new trend in talking about discrimination in gaming communities exists and that even though there’s always backlash surrounding these projects, there’s also support that guarantees that initiatives like these do get funded and talked about online.

So if you wanna make sure to catch the premier of the movie, apply to the conference. The application period ends on July 31. Haste!

We Want You! (Applications are now open)


Are you part of the online gaming culture and tired of how hateful and violent it can be? Are you a human rights activist who never had the chance to talk seriously about gaming communities? Are you a passionate gamer with a strong interest in human rights? Do you run an online gaming community, write about videogames or develop them and feel curious about this topic?

GameOver Hate is just for you!

Where human rights meet geekdom. Where social awareness meets ponies. Where gamers and activists work together to make gaming communities friendlier and more inclusive.

The application process is now open, apply to the conference by filling this online formDeadline for applications: 31th July

GameOver Hate is a 6 day (23th-28th September) conference about building better online gaming communities and tackling online hate. Our focus will be on forging a community of gamers/professionals in the gaming industry that do not only understand and recognize hateful behaviors that happen in online gaming spaces but also proactively act to change them.

To achieve this goal we will, of course, play videogames, but more than that we’ll discuss and debate together, listen to and talk with gaming journalists, academics and game developers. We aim to broaden our own world views, grasp the gaming communities at a larger scale and learn and craft as a group.

We’ll work towards the encouragement and development of community based actions, the continuous sharing of good online practices and the creation of a common set of recommendations on the development of better online gaming communities. 


  • Understand and question the reality of online gaming communities;
  • Empower gamers* to understand, recognize and react to online hate;
  • Share best-practices on online gaming communities management;
  • Create a network of gamers and activists motivated to tackle online hate;

Read our draft programme here.


Community leaders, game journalists, game developers, community manager, online activists, active gamers.

We encourages applicants from all ethnic, cultural, and migrant backgrounds to apply, as well as all socio-economic situations and all sexual orientations and gender identities and expressions.

Working methods:

We emphasize a participatory approach to learning, utilizing non-formal education methods as promoted by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe, as well as other human rights education organisations. This conference will also contain a limited number of formal education sessions from outside resource persons, though the primary approach will be activity-based and participant centered.  The conference will be conducted in English.

Costs and practical arrangements:

All accommodation and food will be provided for with the support of the Council of Europe. Travel expenses and visa costs will be reimbursed. Reimbursement will take place during the conference, upon presenting the receipts, tickets, etc, or by bank transfer after the conference if preferred.

A participation fee of 50€ will be deducted from the reimbursement.

Arrivals are expected during the day of September 22, departures on September 29 2013

Participants selection process:

The preparatory team will review all complete applications. Participants will be selected upon the motivation and on how well they meet the criteria of the ideal participant profile above. Successful applicants will be notified by email before 15th August.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at gameoverhate[at]gmail.com or through our facebook page.

Apply now. For honor!