Outputs from our Berlin meeting

During the last seminar our participants had the challenge to come up with their own approach on how to discuss video games and express what they think about it. We used the Open Space Technology, which allows with few instructions to set up your own workshop and start discussing straight away.

Not all groups wrote down their outputs, here are three presentations, who did:

  • A booklet for family friendly games, selected by the group and introduced with basic information so when parents are looking for entertainment they know what to look for and what gameas to get:
    Family Time v01
  • The next group picked up a big discussion if videogames are art or entertainment. The discussion has a lot of political implications but also dug into aesthetic arguments. You can check out their arguments here:
  • A third group wanted to discuss intercultural stereotypes. Based on popular games like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto they identified stereotypical representation and showed up alternatives on how to create more inclusive games:

Other groups dealt with gender equality, morality in games and fan communities and cosplay.

gameoverhate – diversity bootcamp Berlin – esport extravaganza

Berlin! What a week. We hosted our third training right during the International Games Week. So many opportunities! AMAZE Festival, Games Fest, Gaming competitions, theatre and much more. However we also completely overhauled our programme. We added boardgames to the mix and apparently created quite a few Resistance-heads.. Also our play sessions took much more space in the programme. We had wonderful hosts with the Berlin esport bar Meltdown. Our game of choice Heroes of the Storm was challenging but in a good way. During our visit to the German age rating agency USK we got to enter the biggest videogame archive in Germany, if not Europe! If that wasn’t enough we also got to see the videogames museum. Tiny hint on the side, if you ever get to go, bring a friend and try the pain station.. ask Miguel.
It was a wonderful week and the first time we got all partners together. We are hoping to continue the streak with our training in Vienna in Summer!